Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday night! :D 9/27/2010

Hello!  It's Monday night and I'm drinking an Arizona Tea (WATERMELON FLAVOR! :D) and listening to Papa Roach♥♥.  Today was not exactly a good day so instead of complaining and boring you of my silly issues, I'll tell you about the highlights of my a-okay day! :]]

First of all, I totally jinxed myself last time by posting that I don't have wacko Monday tiredness, I am almost falling asleep as I type!!!!!!!!! Oh well, that just means that I'll fall asleep good tonight. :]] So anyway, I had pancakes again this morning!  No, not made by my awesome mother (her blog is amazing, and you can get knitting patterns and all sorts of stuff on it!, made by my school!  For lunch I had delicious sticky and stringy cheesed pizza and bread sticks.  Ooh, and a big cookie [Thanks to friend who bought me it!].

Classes were okay today.  I had Biology(♥), German(♥♥), Ballet(♥♥) and Algebra(♥♥♥).  In Biology there was a quiz and I feel I did quite alright on it.  German we had a test on days of the week and months of the year.  I aced that of course! :P  In Ballet we learned a new combination, it was really fun.  In Algebraaaaaa.... we did work! :D (I dunno why I capitalized all of the subjects... O.o)

Today a friend of mine was having a problem with self esteem and I helped her! :]] I've really felt that once you try cutting all depressing things out of your life it becomes addicting to do it 24/7!  This year I haven't had one single fight with a friend (knock on wood!), or even felt self conscious at all.  It's really nice to live life without grieving and holding grudges against anything/anyone.  I just hope that she gets through her problems soon because an unhappy friend is not good!  (You know who you are, I know you read my blog :]])  I love you, Friend!  And as for the meanie head >:/ who gives her a hard time, STOP IT!!!! :]]

I decided that I'm going to write a short little recipe every time I post because I like to make things and then share them! :D Sharing is caring!!! (thumbs up!)

So!  For tonight's recipe; Cinnamon Vanilla Steamer ♥

Microwave a mug of milk for two minutes on high (more if you like to burn yourself :]]) and mix in 8 sugar cubes, two drops of vanilla and 1/4 tsp. of cinnamon (or just a shake of it :]]) and WALLAH! :D 

Hope you like it, I use it for a before bed drink, it's perrdy tasty :]]

"The hardest ones to love are the ones who need it the most." - Papa Roach
 Loves n kisses n all sortsa wishes!


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