Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Night :]] 9/26/2010

Ummm.. well I don't really know what to post so I'm not going to do some cheesy introduction post or anything, I'm just going to post about my weekend! :D

So! Yesterday was a really good day.. I got the Avenged Sevenfold album Nightmare (listening to it right now) :]]  Well, I didn't get it, my parents got it for me!  After that I still had seven dollars left, I love having money left.  Then I just kept myself busy until around 9 pm and then I fell asleep.  It's nice being responsible about my sleep schedule because then my body doesn't really feel wacko on Monday morning from staying up past usual bedtime. 

Today I woke up feeling like it was time to wake up, that hardly happens!  :D  My momma made pancakes that were delicious and light and fluffy and syrupy and yummy!  [Thanks mom!] Then I did three loads of laundry [phew!] and studied my lines for a few hours. 

*Did I forget to tell you??  I'm in the play Julia Caesar (yes, Julia not Julius) and I have the part Jenna the Poet (In original play Cinna the Poet).  It's a really fun part because the mob I'm surrounded by throws me around and shoves me while yelling at me.  Then they pick me up and carry me out while I scream and thrash and protest because they're going to kill me.  Quite exciting!!

So anyway!  Thennnnnnnnnnnnnnn I hung around till dinner (I made my special enchiladas!! Yum!) and then my momma helped me make this blog.  My dad insisted that I spelled Kranberrie's wrong but I spell it like that because I WANT TO!!! It's not like his blog title, Deevilization, is any more correct! (You should read his blog though.. my dad's pretty cool! Now I'm going to shower and go to bed!!  Have a good week!

Loves n kisses n all sortsa wishes!!


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