Saturday, October 2, 2010

:DD Saturday Morning 10/2/2010

Morning those who read, :]]

Okay so this is the craziest Saturday morning of my LIFE so far.  Let's post the craziness in order.  You ready for this??

1. I woke up to my mom and dad LAUGHING in their room at 6:00 AM<<< yes!!!! AM!
2. My dad woke me up as I was falling back asleep asking if I wanted to go to IHOP with them.
 *?!?!?!  My answer?? well umm lets see how could I say yes when it was SIX AM on a SATURDAY?! butuhh... how could I say no when it was IHOP??!!!! And also, what in the galaxy is my insomniac father doing awake at 6:00 AY EHM on a SATURDAY??
3. I said yes and woke up the rest of the way.  I only had to wait like TWO minutes to get in the bathroom, the QUICKEST my mom has ever gotten ready to go somewhere!!!!!!!!
4. The stupid place wasn't even freaking open! Yes!!!! I know!! Crazy! What do the lonely truckers do when they want IHOP at 4:00 AM? 
5. Since it wasn't open until 7, we sat in the car and talked just waiting for them to open the doors.  Boringness but not boringness because it was actually fun.  Sitting in a car with my parents for twenty minutes being fun??? What is the world coming too?!
6. I got the Crepes Passport Express with over easy eggs, sausage and bacon and Fresh Fruit Crepes. DELICIOUS TO THE YUM. Before this morning I have never had REFRESHING crepes in my LIFE! They had gorrrgeousssssss and yummmmyyyyy fruit and this yogurt saucy stuff and it was the best thing I've eaten since we went to Sizzler.  Of course I didn't finish it because I got tired of fruity and wanted salty breakfast taste.  But I have the left overs in the fridge right now! :D
7. I found the most amazing site in the whole inter webs.  No joke, this isn't even for advertising's sake. they have delicious recipes, cute animals, nifty craft patterns, everything you could ever dream of.  And boy does Amanda have a cute sense of humor :]] you smile every time reading her posts.  Please just take a click at this site, you won't regret it.  I promise.

SO yes, this was my Saturday morning and it's not even nine AM yet, so I think I will fiddle around with buttons and such on my blog until lunch time or something.  Have I mentioned I love to blog?? :]]  See you tonight with random facts, advertising and a delicious Stuffed Pepper Recipe!

Ttfn darlings! :D

Loves n kisses n all sortsa wishes,



  1. Holy crud! You crazy girl, being up this early! <3

  2. Haha, I love the new blog! :)
    It's adorable!


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