Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Night :[[, but :]] 10/1/2010

Today was a very hard day, extremely difficult to push through.  I decided because I don't want to have a negative blog site, I'll allow myself to write about my sadness once a month :]] I mean, we can't deprive ourselves of venting completely! :P

Anyway, onto my bad day :[ It started out alright, I felt pretty today with my sparkly makeup and leather jacket but then in first period we took a Biology test that I was so not prepared for.  I studied really hard for it but I didn't feel too good about my answers.  For the questions that I was completely stuck on I used process of elimination, so that's a good thing I guess.

In second period I was BORED! Can you believe it?  Bored in German?  We keep watching movies in German such as Bugs Life and Toy Story but not doing any work..  I like a challenge especially in this class and I haven't been getting much of one lately.  I mean, sure it's nice to have a free period with a movie but I was really looking forward to doing some work.

Third period was about what killed me.  I almost hate ballet at the moment, I mean of course I love it, but today I declare it my arch enemy.  I felt really stupid and behind with what we were learning today and I almost broke down in tears in the middle of class [not good, happy kranberrie is much more fun than crying kranberrie!!!!!!!!] and I couldn't find my balance whatsoever.  We were doing turns and I got dizzy, I mean who gets dizzy doing turns??  I felt like a kindergartner in a high school.. but I know that it was only one REALLY hard day in ballet and with practice, things will look up.  It's just really hard to remember that in the moment, you know?

Fourth period was the highlight of my day [besides my Arizona Tea my parentals got me! :D] because it was math. Whoo :]] I seriously don't know why I like math this year.  Anyway, it was really hard to concentrate at first because I was still feeling on the verge of tears but once I got my mind of that I just zoomed through it. :]] since last time I was supposed to have math I had to go on the field trip for Hamlet, I had to catch up a little bit but I was proud of myself for how quickly I did so.  :]]

Rehearsal was same ol' stuff.  But I am still oh so giddy to perform!! This play is going to be amazing! :D 

Okeeday, recipe for the day!

Spaghetti Tacos! :P
taco shells
angel hair pasta
spaghetti sauce

Make spaghetti and put into taco shells!  It's pretty delicious :]]

For my random facts of the day I'm going to list them a bit more organized than last time X]

♥ Word of the day: Buhlooooo!
♥ Wish of the day: I wish that anyone who wants to be heard but can't find an ear finds one soon.
♥ Giggle of the day: "I can hear you going stomp stomp stomp out here, quiet down."  Director closes door. kranberrie frowns. "Do you think he was implying something??" Friend replies "Well seens how we're all wearing socks, yes."
♥ Loves of the day: I love my Aunt with glasses and a ponytail :]] she's da bomb, yo.
♥ Song of the day: Carry Me - Papa Roach :]] so sad, so cute, so soft coming from the Pops.
♥ Line from my play of the day: Directly, I am going to Caesars funeral!
♥ Teacher Appreciation of the day:  Anthony [voice teacher] you're so funny and approachable, we love you!

ADVERTISING FOR THIS FRIDAY NIGHT; The Pie is the best pizzeria ever!  It's the only place where the cheese is not only sticky and gooey, but stretchy. :]] Smucker's Goober is SO delicious, not even kidding, it tastes just like putting peanut butter and jelly separately on your bread except BETTER!

So as you can see, a bad day can make you happier by blogging, I mean I feel like nothing even happened today. :]] Whoo, go Blogger! :D (was that just more advertising?? O.o hmmmm)

Goodnight darlings, happy Friday and have a good weekend!
Loves n kisses n all sortsa wishes,


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