Sunday, October 31, 2010

HALLOWEEN! :D 10/31/2010


So today I spent my whole morning in the kitchen :) Doing what? Making meringue kisses! :D :D :D

Once again, they kind of sucked.  But they were way better than last times! :) They didn't come off the pan so easily, they tore the paper a lot.  :D BUT!  Since the egg whites were weird, after the thirty minutes of cooking, they were still moist, not even close to dry.  So I haaaaaad to brown them in order to get them dry (the recipe says DON'T BROWN) and I'm so glad I did!!!!! :D Since I browned them, they tasted and felt like roasted marshmallows! :9 I made some big ones that tasted even more like roasted marshmallows cause they were crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside... but those wouldn't come off the paper so I had to throw them away :(  About 25 little ones survived though and my parents and I ate a few.  Then I wrapped all the rest of them in cute little bags with ribbons.  I'm giving them to friends tomorrow :)

Want some piccies of the kisses???!! I'm sure Megan does :P  Here's a couple blurry pics of going in the oven! :D

So yuuuuup! :D They turned out looking kinda funny...

But they were tasty! :)  So I do recommend this recipe but I would change it from 30 minutes to 45 so they taste like roasted marshmallows :)

So......... uhhhhh... I forgot part of my costume at school so I won't really be dressing up today.  I dressed up on Friday for school though! :P  But it don't matter, nobody trick or treats at our place anyway :)

Oh! And I'm writing another story :)  So there'll be more on that sometime soon.  Btw congrats to my friend Amy for all the good things that are happening for her lately :) ♥ you Ames! :D


Loves n kisses n all sortsa wishes,


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  1. yay pics! i do love them!!! im just getting ready to take brylynn trick or treating i will post pics tomorrow!!!


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