Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween still :P 10/31/2010

Well I just went crazy adopting pets!!!! :P Now I have tons of pets on my side bar so I thought I would go through and tell you what each one does :)

Garret the Turtle- Click on his back leg and he walks.  He will keep walking with each click of his back leg until the edge of the rock, he'll turn around and you can keep clicking. Click on his face, he goes inside his shell.  Then wait and he'll come out.  Click the water and he'll swim around.  Then click the rock and he'll go back on the rock.

Scribbly the Pencil- Click anywhere on the white space and he'll draw.  Do this as many times as you'd like wherever you'd like as long as it's the white space around him.  After a while the eraser will start to erase your drawings but you can keep scribbling anyway.

Flicker the Light- (HAHAHA! Isn't his name so funny??? X)) Click on him and the light goes off.  Click on him again and the light goes back on.

Choppy the Scissors- Make a clicking trail on the white space around her, she follows it while chopping.

Hypers the Sloth- First of all, Hypers is November's holiday pet but they didn't have a turkey so I just went with a sloth.  Click on him and he moves a little.  But he won't wake up.

Flickers the Hamster- Click on him and he starts running in the wheel.  Click on him again and he stops running.  Wait and he gets off the wheel.


I love all my pets! They're so fun! Enjoy!

Loves n kisses n all sortsa wishes,


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