Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday night! :D 10/4/2010

Hello and welcome to my blog! :DD haha...

So this morning was not very good :[ but first period, voice for the singer, was :]]  I don't really like the song we're singing, If Music Be The Food Of Love, because first of all it takes a million years to type the title!  :P  But it's still really fun to sing.  Also, we listened to some stuff from Rent, my favorite musical even though I haven't seen it! :D  I've heard all the songs though and know the story line of it.  :]]

Second period, theatre was really fun, we did the rest of the two person scenes and then we played zipzapzop and the game where one person makes a noise and does a movement and the whole circle repeats it immediately and then another person does it until we've gone three times around the circle.  I always love theatre class :D

Third and fourth period were both okay and then I went to rehearsal.  ://  Rehearsal was NO FUN today because remember how I told you everyone pushes me around and yells at me and stuff?  Well today everyone took it a bit too far by pulling my hair really hard and pushing me really hard against a brick wall with their forearm to my throat.  My head did not feel good being slammed against that brick wall >.<  So I had a veryyyyyyy bad headache for a while but now I'm fine. :D Gonna have to have a talk with the director about their actions today!  Sorry guys, but don't hurt me next time!

So tonight my dad asked what he could do to make me feel better and I told him *jokingly* gum.  So my mom gave me a piece of key lime gum :DDDDD yummy!!

Randomness for tonight:

♥ Word of the day: Zipzapzop!
♥ Wish of the day: I wish I will never get hurt in rehearsal again! (and I have another wish because that wish is selfish) and I wish that parents start to understand their children a bit better, resolving a lot of conflicts :]]
♥ Giggle of the day: The white horse fell into the mud! XD  What a dirty joke!
♥ Loves of the day: I loooooooove... my guy friend that made me feel better by singing the Don't Worry, Be Happy song today on the bus, the version that those old fish that are on the wall sing.  Remember those?? :]]
♥ Song of the day: Fragile - Kerli
♥ Line from my play of the day: Briefly, I dwell by the stadium!
♥ Teacher Appreciation of the day:  Bethany Hansen! :D BEST ballet teacher EVER.

Recipe for tonight?? Hmm.. gimmee a minute..

Cake Mix Cookies :D


1 cake mix
1/3 cup oil
2 eggs

mix, mix, mix

Bake at 350 for 8-10 minutes :D

Me and my mom used to both make those a lot :D they're so good!  And one time in junior high I made them for one of my classes :D  I think it was.. speech class??  some weird class that was supposedly required preparation for debate class the next year that they canceled anyway!!!!!! Oh well, I go to a better school now! :D 

Goodnight friends and enjoy your Cakies! :D (our nickname for cake mix cookies)

Loves n kisses n all sortsa wishes,


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