Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday NIGHT! 10/23/2010

Hello and good evening! :D  I think this is the latest I've ever posted a blog before :) 

Today was kind of a boring day because I'm grounded but I did a lot of knitting and now I'm a HUGE step closer to being done with my surprise project! :D At 3ish, we all went to the thrift store to get stuff for Halloween costumes!! Our whole family is matching ^-^ Since I know my mom wants it to be a surprise, I won't tell you what we all are! :)  But it's cute :)  Oh and remember how I said I would start indenting my paragraphs?  Well since my blog is like my journal, I'm not gonna! :D  I always forget.  It's not like I forget on important writing projects or anything, so :)

Thennnn my Momma and I went to the library!!!!!!! :DDDD  I got my book, Torment by Lauren Kate from the library!!!!  It's brand new and crisp and fresh and anxious to be read! :D  It's the sequel to the first book, Fallen.  It's one of my favorite books so I'm excited to start reading it tomorrow!!! 

I also got a book called Show & Tell by Dilys Evans.  It's a book that contains awesome information about children's books illustrators and how they got to where they are.  It has information on my favorite author, David Shannon who wrote and illustrated No, David! :D That's my favorite book as well.  He illustrated a few other books and it was so amazing to read about how he got started and the adventures he went through to get to where he is now.  It turns out No, David! was written when he was five :D  It even has pictures of the drawings he drew for it when he was five! :)  I think that's so precious that that book is such a statement of his childhood imagination and the things he was capable of at such a young age!

I got two knitting books that have got me going crazy to start knitting so many things, but I HAVE to get my surprise project done first.  I have to.  Maybe.  Maybe... maybe I could start one other thing while I'm doing this.  Maybe.  No!  I will not become on of those knitters.  ::Sneers::  Jk but really, I really need to get this project done first.  I got a couple other for fun books that I will tell you if I like them :)

Guess what?!  My kisses are in the oven right now!!!!!  I replaced the peppermint extract with lemon and the red food coloring with yellow.  Hey, it's a good change right?  Lemon is always tasty!  Buuut, when I was whipping the meringue together it never made stiff peaks :(  It got fluffy but not nearly enough.  I eventually gave up even after my dad tried helping because it just wasn't going anywhere!!  So they might be kinda weird, but hey at least I'm making them for the first time now instead of at Christmas so I have time to perfect the recipe, right?  I think (like my dad said) that the simmering water it sat on was either to cool or hot.  They'll still probably be yummy, we'll see :)

Oh yeah and my Nana bought me a St. Louis Cardinals baseball hat for my Halloween costume so I feel bad for changing my Halloween costume :(  Oh well, at least I'll have it just to wear! :D Thanks, Nana Banana!

Omg, omg, omg I guess I will have to super speed knit tonight so I can start on another project tomorrow because I REAAALLLYYYY want to make this little thingy that will also be a surprise! :D  Mom, you're gonna be proud of me! :)

Recipe tonight :)  From

easy breakfast casserole

Breakfast Casserole
1 pkg croissant rolls
1 lb mild sausage
6 eggs, beaten
2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
Preheat oven to 350. Spray 9×13 baking dish with Pam. Brown sausage in skillet. Spread croissant dough in bottom of 9×13 dish. Add sausage, then pour eggs over sausage. Generously top with cheese. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes.
Random facts! :D

♥ Days until Opening Night!: 5!!!!!!
♥ Favorite snack of the day: Lemon Kisses (hopefully!)
♥ kranberrie fact of the day: I feel like I'm going to throw up right now DX

Yes, I've lowered my random facts list, I have to update it because I find myself without answers on most them lately :P  Iiiicky... my tummy hurts!
So goodnight and I will post tomorrow how the kisses turned out! :D

Loves n kisses n all sortsa wishes,



  1. i cant wait to see the surprise knitting project! you have to post pics when you're done! im definitely one of those knitters/crocheters who starts another project before the previous one is complete, there is nothing wrong with it haha! i saw the pics on your moms blog and i think you are going to be kangaroos!

  2. We'll see! :D

    And on the pictures, for sure!!!! I actually just got started on it and ran out of yarn so once I get the new yarn then I'll be done with it in no time and I PROMISE I will post pictures! :P That is, if my mom doesn't first!!! X)

  3. Can't wait to see what you're knitting!!!


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