Monday, November 8, 2010

BLEEECK!!!!! 11/8/2010

Hello, good morning,

I never wanted this to be a negative blog but today it WILL BE.

I feel like crap. -.-

My throat hurts so much, when I swallow it feels like the two things in my throat lift up into razor blades, same thing when I yawn.

My head is swimming and pounding, it just won't stop.

My stomach wants to turn inside out and complain all over the world.

And my body aachessss and all of my joints and stuff are more sore than they ever have been.

*Luckily, my parents took me to the doctor last night.  I have strep.  :(  But at least now I have medicine that will eventually make me better.

And we just got eight thousand bucks from my dad's college. :D 

But I feel like crap.


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  1. Hi Kate! Sorry to hear that you're feeling so crap - I hate having a cold or the flu. Mine also always tends to start with a sore throat and not being able to swallow - terrible feeling. Hope you get better soon!
    I find that what helps me is drinking hot tea with lots of lemon and honey.
    I read your comments on my blog and think your future plans sound great.
    Who knows - one day I might be watching the telly and see you pop up on the screen in a movie...then I'll be able to say: "hey I know that girl - we followed each others blogs!"...would be nice:)
    Get well soon and keep positive!


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