Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 6!

Your day.

Perfect because I want to share this absolutely ridiculously exuberant day with you! :)

This morning I woke up not too excited, it's game day and I never bought a ticket so I knew that meant being bored at school all day.  Well guess whaaaaat :))) I wasn't.  In fact, this was the best school day of the year so far.

We all went to first period.  Mine was biology.  We had a quiz.  And I know I did good on it, I studied hard for this one and was confident with most of my answers :D

Then we had to go to second period, show them our permission slip and then go to the buses.  I didn't have a permission slip so I was supposed to go to the South Balcony with the PA (Performing arts) theatre class.  :))  There was like fifteen of my friends there that weren't going to the game either! :D

We played 'Manner of the Word', 'Do You Like Your Neighbor' and another game that I forgot the name of.  Theatre games are the best.  I promise.

Also, the rule was if you had a PA class that day, you went to it.  If not, you went to the South Balc.  So after spending second hour playing theatre games, we all went to lunch.

They only served pizza.  Fine with me. :)

We ran up and down the empty hallways and the commons, it was super fun to have the school to ourselves.  We played hacky sack in empty classrooms and tag in the commons and hide and seek in the basement! :D

Then we went to third hour or back to theatre games.  I had to go to ballet.  IT WAS THE BEST BALLET CLASS EVER.  We started out with Professor Trance (The exercise you'll hate the most in your whole life but will see and feel results from the quickest!  I love it even though it huuuuuurrrrrrrrrttssssssss).  Then we danced modern the whole class.  I am so taking Modern next year! :D  Ballet is very, very, veeeeeerrrryyyyyy hard and a great workout.  Don't get me wrong.  But modern is more fun and fast (most times) and you get to move so so so much more.  I love it :)  I still love ballet though.  :)  We did a lot of complicated combinations that were so fun and we even did ABCD (you think your legs hurt now?  Try doing abcd)

After that, I went back to theatre games and did that for a while.  Then in theatre games we all did yoga which felt nice since I had already been working out hard not too long ago.  After yoga she said to go hang out in the dance studio :)  So of course we jumped at that, went back down to the studio and practiced our dances she had taught us the hour before.  We had so much chizzing fun.

When I got home I did the dance over and over for about fifteen minutes and then stretched and did yoga until it was dinner :)  Today I bet you FIVE DOLLARS that I lost three pounds of fat and gained two pounds of muscle.  Five bucks :) I feel so strong lately, and I'm getting more and more flexible with each day.  I love to move, I just love it. :)  So I'm going to go do it some more, I'm going to watch TV and stretch for a bit and then catch some Zzz's. :)

That was my day.  :)

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