Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 7!

Your best friend.

This one is so hard.  Because I have so many friends and I hate to choose who's best.  I blog about Amy all the time, she definitely is one of my best friends.  Since I tell you about her so much though, I think I'll pick someone else.  I'll pick... Randy. :)

Randy, you're my best friend at the moment. 

He's my best friend because he's so amazing in every single way.  He's awesome at guitar.  I find it extremely hard not to have admiration for people that have a great passion for something.  His passion is so obvious and so extreme, he loves music.  He is music.  And he's easy to be friends with because he shares it so much :)

Also, he's really funny.  X)  Remember how once I blogged about how all my friends are witty, not just funny?  Well Randy is definitely witty.  He's really smart so when he cracks a joke, it's genuinely funny.  In some ways he's not so smart as well so he makes fun of himself for it and it's really funny.  :)  It's easy to be friends with someone who makes you laugh and smile so much :)

He's a good person.  He sticks to his word, and he's firm about it.  He doesn't easily get mad about things, he avoids drama so much that it's hard not to follow his ways in that.  And he loves to talk.  :)  About interesting things.  Not just high school crap.

So that's why I love you, Randy, you're an amazing friend and I'm glad that I had the chance to blog about you like this.  :)

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