Sunday, November 7, 2010

Geez! I know, 3 posts in one day. I'm sorry. But LOOK! :D

I said I was going to post about this tomorrow but I could NOT wait!  :)

I got this recipe from Kevin and Amanda but I changed a few things :)  ALL of these pictures are mine!  This is my first step by step with pictures recipe!  I'm sorry the pictures all kind of suck, I took them with my phone and didn't have time to mess with the lighting.  But still.  This is the first time I've ever done this! :)  I'm so darn proud! :P

So :)  Read on darling, :))

♥ STEP ONE, Buy your ingredients :)

♦You need a package of at least ten small flour tortillas (16 small tortillas is a good party chip bowl size :))
♦You need 3 cups of veggie oil :)
♦You need a couple things that you already have: Paper towels, salt, a big big bowl and tongs.

♥ STEP TWO, Oil :)

Put the oil in a skillet or even a sauce pan and heat it on medium (Amanda says medium high, but that burnt my beginning batch of chips) and let it heat up for around 12 minutes.

♥ STEP THREE, while oil's heating... (You want to do these steps sort of quickly but still be safe :))

Cut up your tortillas into fourths! :D

 Since I didn't want a whole bunch of chips that looked the same, I cut two of the piles into halves again :)

They should look like that picture above :)

*NOTE:  It's okay to use really super cheap tortillas, it makes no difference at all.

Then!  Separate the little triangles and put them into piles of ten :)  They should look cute... Like this..

:D Aren't they cute?

That was my favorite little pile :))

So anyway!  Then, prepare your *extra pan with paper towels :)

♥ STEP FOUR, cook 'em ;)

Drop ten of the triangles into the oil WITH YOUR TONGS, NOT YOUR HANDS, if you use your hands, the oil will jump up and burn you!

They might be stacked on top of each other when you put them in, so just tap at them with your tongs, they should separate.  Check them every couple of SECONDS, these cook quickly. 

♥ STEP FIVE, flip 'em and remove 'em!

Once one of them is golden, flip the rest over, wait a few seconds and then put them in your paper towel lined thing.

♥ STEP SIX, salt!

Salt LIGHTLY if you want salt *they're super good with out salt too, or you could make half of them without salt and half with like I did! :D*

Continue until all chips are done, enjoy! :D

If you want the complete recipe in short form, visit Kevin and Amanda

Soooo yeah, my mom and dad love them! :D  My dad says Om nom nom as he crunches into one and my Mom says sshhhhh as she goes back for more. :)  This is the first cooking success in a while for kranberrie :P  Besides Halloween cookies that were just throw in the oven ones anyway :P

I know it was really unorganized and messy but that's the first step by step recipe I've ever posted with my own pictures so give me a break, I promise it'll be better next time! :D

OH!  And though it's not Halloween anymore, I put them in our huge Halloween bowl :) We should buy some Thanksgiving bowls, I know :)

:D  Bye now for reals!

Loves n kisses n all sortsa wishes,


  1. The three most important things about cooking:

    1) Have a great idea - an original creation, modification of an existing recipe or even just borrowing someone else's recipe that you're doing on your own.
    2) Be confident - don't be afraid to experiment and/or try new things, and never stop trying.
    3) Have fun! - the more you enjoy cooking, the less of a chore it becomes and more of a personal adventure you can share with others.

    You nail it, kiddo! I'm glad to see you gaining confidence in the kitchen and love that you're excited about this. The chips were fantastic, thank you for sharing with us!

  2. I'm definitely trying this! Looks like a great snack. Just the sort of recipe I like - simple!:) I don't have the patience for fiddling around in the kitchen too much.


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