Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday Night 11/30/2010

Happy end of November!

Tonight will have to be quick, I should get to sleep soon and I was just now able to get on the computer.

So.  Uhhhhhhhhhh not much to post about... hmm..

OH YEAH! :)  I'm going to Amy's orchestra concert tomorrow!  I haven't seen her since last year, her parents are really strict and she's never allowed to hang out so we never got a chance to see each other :(  But now we will!! Tomorrow!  So excited! :)  I love you Amy!

Recipe?  K.

Cinnamon Vanilla Steamer ♥Microwave a mug of milk for two minutes on high (more if you like to burn yourself :]]) and mix in 8 sugar cubes, two drops of vanilla and 1/4 tsp. of cinnamon (or just a shake of it :]]) and WALLAH! :D

(Yes, this is an old recipe frooooom here but I posted it again for Amy.)

Random pictures are a no-no tonight, I didn't take any pictures for them today because I was sort of busy.  I'm done Christmas shopping by the way!! I just have to make treats for my friends at school later this month and that's IT! :)  Phew!

Well, goodnight and sweet dreams!

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