Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Aaack! School pictures :] 12/08/2010

Prepare yourself for a whole bunch of random pictures from my school! :]  We didn't take a LOT because there was a whole bunch of people who weren't here today, but we took a few! :] In some pictures I'm not very gawgeous.  But I don't delete pictures just because I look bad in them... usually.  You can find a better picture of me here. And another one

Kennedy cuddling on Seth.  It's funny, Seth is super duper tall and adult looking.  He's a freshman.  Kennedy is super short and young looking.  She's a sophmore :]

Me cuddling on Kennedy! :D Cause I can! :]

Liam denying his picture.

Seth, Elice, Azhr, and Kennedy :] Seth and Elice are discussing a paper, it looks odd!

Elice's eye!!!! :D

Op!  She doesn't look happy in this picture D: Smile Kamryn!

Ana in the morning time :]

THE CUTEST PICTURE EVERRRR. Kamryn you're a dork and you're super adorable at being a dork!

Zen!!!!! :D You're my best frann!

LIAM!  I got a picture of you :]

Ana was in the corner today! D: Lol, just kidding, she was just reading her book in peace.

Kory dropping by first lunch to say hi to us! :]  Her hair is a faded orange this week.
Just so you know.

Random people that are slightly my friend and eat in my lunch corner.

Kamryn and Alex :] Cute couple!

BAHAHAHA Liam I got ANOTHER picture of you! :]

Neither of us knew Liam was taking a picture yet... XD

Haha :]

And the last picture, in English Kasey's keyboard had an upside down M! :O  Now it's a W!




  1. nice pics and you look purty in all of them :) thanks for your kind comment on my blog!

  2. Hi,you look gorgeous on the first picture - don't know what you're on about.
    The St. Moriz self tanning mousse cost £2.99.

    The flu has now caught up with me and I feel absolutely awful. I probably won't have the strength to put up a post today. Going back to bad now - all I can do is sleep.
    Have a good day!


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