Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Been watching Battle of the Nutcrackers.  Here's a few of my favorite dances.

I think the choreography for this is completely awful.  But she's a nice dancer.  I LOVE the end, her pikes (spelling?) are amazing.  So at least watch the end.  When the dance starts the music is awfully quite, you might want to turn your volume wayyy up.

I don't like this choreography thaaaaaaat much either, but it's better than Royal Opera House's in my opinion.  Her wrists bother me, they flick a lot, they're not a soft extended part of her arms.  But she's a really nice dancer.  Her pikes at the end (spelling?!) aren't as cool as Royal Opera House's but they're still really pretty.  When she does her pikes (spelling. seriously.) you're like WHOA she messed up- op nope, just kidding, she's doing a weird wave thingy... oh hey that's cool.

I really really like this :] I think the choreogaphy is amazing and this girl is amazing on pointe.  Too bad you couldn't really see that when she did Sugar Plum.

Hey you person who started to watch this Arabian Dance and then stopped the video thinking I didn't notice.  Watch it all the way through, it has the Russian Dance too!  I REALLY love this dance, it's quite amazing and this girl is the best ballerina I've ever seen!  The Russian Dance isn't too great though.  I like Royal Opera House's Russian more.

Anyway.  I really need to go shower and then sleep. I have to go deliver fudge to Amy tomorrow and I need to look showered and well rested :P  Amy, text me when you watch these.




  1. I love to see you critique the dancers! Its so cute!

  2. Oh! You have to see this!

    This is my absolute favorite turn! I practiced for months to be able to do these. They are challenging... but so beautiful!


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