Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 26!

Your fears.

Well, one thing I fear is drowning.  Being under, wanting oxygen and feeling the pressure of your lungs kissing your belly button.  Choking, gasping, not getting air.  I hate holding my breath.  I hate swimming under water.  I hate baths.  Because with the panic I've felt from not being able to breathe before for maybe a minute and a half, I could never imagine not breathing at all.

Another thing I fear is spiders.  I have a scar from a poisonous spider.  People say they're just as scared of us as we are of them.  That's chizcrap.  They're creepy and deserve to die.

The last fear that I'll tell you about is monkey bars.  I HATE the monkey bars.  Maybe four or five or six years ago I was FINE with the monkey bars.  But if I try to do them now, I freak out and fall off.  It's because they hurt my hand, they leave blisters on my palms.  That's pretty freaky to me.  Just saying.


  1. im afraid of drowning too. i almost did drown when i was 5 a lifeguard saved me tho :)


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