Friday, December 24, 2010

Day Nine :]

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Honestly? I see myself in an apartment. I'll live in an apartment. I will have graduated college already a couple years ago. I'll be in........ maybe New York? I'll be auditioning every day but won't get much.  I will be doing tiny acting jobs, it will be the start of my career.  I won't be flowing in money yet, but I won't care at all.  Because like I said, I'll have tiny acting jobs, everyone has to start somewhere.

That's where I HOPE I am in ten years, I would be okay with that scenario involving a boy or something :p


  1. hi kranberrie, i was missing in action while we had company and i missed reading your blog! i am caught back up now:) have a merry christmas

  2. Merry Christmas Kate!!!
    I have some questions - don't know if they're ok for your FAQ section but these are things I'd like to know:

    What would be your ideal role? What movies would you like to play in or what characters would you like to portray?

    Which actor/actress would you love to play alongside?

    Who are your favourite actors?
    What's your favourite film?

    Take care!


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