Friday, December 17, 2010

Day Two :]

2. Who are you? In comparison to who you used to be. What made you change?

Welllll..... I don't know who I used to be. I guess that's not true.  I used to be a little girl with wild long hair that got knee deep in mud every day at her Uncle Dave's and bathed in the river.  I used to be a little girl who hated the color pink and collected Yugio cards.  I used to be a little girl that owned a rabbit, a blue and gold macaw, two dogs and a cat.  I used to be a little girl that loved to ride horses and feed ducks.  I used to be a little girl who didn't care about school and had endless friends.  I used to be a little girl who loved to dance, sing, jump rope and go white water rafting.  I used to be a little girl that was the most carefree a little girl could be.

NOW I'm a responsible teenager who has short, fried hair and endless supplies of eyeliner.  I'm a teenager that gets knee deep in drama every day and takes hour long showers.  I'm a teenager that loves music and craves isolation.  I'm a teenager that binges to eat away bad feelings and exercises to intensify the good ones.  I'm a teenager that has a fish and a messy room.  I'm a teenager that screams when my hair is touched or my clothes stained.  I'm a teenager that does yoga and ballet to fall asleep.  I'm a teenager that writes depressing poems and long endless stories.  I'm a teenager that spends hours on end on the computer.  I'm a teenager that loves to dance, act, and paint pictures.  I'm a teenager that lives in a city and attends a performing arts high school.  I'm an uptight, lazy, hyper, complicated teenager that terribly misses how life used to be.

Why did I change?  I changed because I moved to Utah and started caring about life and feeling the effects of what happens when you care and put effort into things.  If any of that makes any sense whatsoever.

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