Tuesday, December 7, 2010

List! :]

  1. List 5 things that make you happy.
♥1: Blogging :]
♥2: My friends
♥3: FOOD
♥4: Music! :D
♥5: Happiness
  1. List 5 things that make you sad.
♥1: Icey Wind
♥2: Drama
♥3: My thoughts
♥4: Dead animals :[
♥5: Empty fridges.
  1. List 5 of your favourite foods.
♥1: Sushi
♥2: Chips
♥3: Naked popcorn
♥4: Chocolate
♥5: Spaghetti
  1. List 5 of your favourite drinks.
♥1: Coffee!
♥2: Slurpees :]
♥3: Juice
♥4: Water
♥5: Arizona Tea
  1. List 10 things you want to say to 10 different people currently.
♥1: "Hello."
♥2: "Why did you try to hug me today?  You know I hate you."
♥3: "Stop pretending like you're okay."
♥4: "Want to be my friend?"
♥5: "Sure, I'd love to share your bag of skittles with you!"
♥6: "Kamryn, he thinks we smoke weed because we talk about Cosmo and Zombieland."
♥7: "What should I write for 7, 8, 9 and 10?"
♥8: "Okay."
♥9: "I'm done with you."
♥10. "You're really cute!"
  1. List 10 pet hates.
You mean pet peves?
♥1: Loud gum chewers
♥2: People who demand my attention %100 of the time..
♥3: Flute players
♥4: The price of Grapefruit Hi-Chew
♥5: Mistletoe
♥6: Loud cars
♥7: Sloppy makeup
♥8: Kamryn.  JK!
♥9: When people laugh at their own jokes
  1. List 5 good things about your life.
♥1. My left ear
♥2. My friends
♥3. My hair (most days)
♥4. I'm not homeless
♥5. My room <3
  1. List 5 bad things about your life.
Let's not?  I'd rather be happy right now than go into a state of depression :]
  1. List your family members - their names, their ages and what they are, (eg brother, mother)
♥Mom- age, not telling.  name, mom.
♥Dad- age, not telling. name, dad.
♥Brother- age, 23. name, brother.
♥Sister age, 24. name, sister.
  1. List 5 of your favourite songs
♥1: 30 Days by NeverShoutNever
♥2: Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold
♥3: Sulfur by Slipknot
♥4: We are Who We are by Ke$ha
♥5: I Love You 5 by NeverShoutNever
  1. List what you did/plan to do today 
I went to school, did school work, escaped into windows and scared the whole lunch room and had fun! :D
  1. List what happened on your last birthday in order
I went home with friends, we went shopping and went to Blockbuster.  We went back to my house and watched a movie while Laura did my hair, then we went to Smith's and rode the carosell thingy for a few hours we went back to my house and did more stuff and went to sleep and woke up and did more stuff and then they left! :D
  1. List your favourite shops
  1. List how you do your hair and make-up
I can do it threeeeeeeee ways:
1. I dry my hair and lop on tons of eyeliner.  The end.
2. Ooooooor I straighten my hair.  Then I put on foundation.  Then blush.  Then top eyeliner, then bottom.  Then lid dark and going lighter towards the brow bone.  Then I do my shimmery brow bone.  Then mascara.  Then Lipliner, lipstick, then lipgloss.  Then I spray my face with hairspray because that much makeup will not stay on my face.
2.Well, I straighten my hair.  Then I put on foundation on my whole face.  Then I do my lid, then my outer corner and my brow bone.  Then I do my mascara and swipe on some lipgloss.
  1. List 5 things you wish were different 
Nothing.  If anything were different, I wouldn't be who I am now and I wouldn't do what I do now and I wouldn't feel the way I feel now.  And that would suck..

Goodnight blogspot, sorry no real post today :]



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  1. Great post - very informative and we get to know you a bit better. By the way, what is wrong with your right ear?:)


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