Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday Afternoon! 12/2/2010


Or, in case you don't celebraaaaaate Christmas, SEASON'S GREETINGS!


So!  I haven't posted a real post in quite a while, have I?!  Well, I've been doing some surveys as posts because I think they're a fun way to tell you guys about myself.  Speaking of surveys!  Megan and Michelle are now doing my thirty day challenge!!!!! (Which I just now posted day twenty!)  Thanks you guys, and I really enjoy reading each day! :D

I'm happy! ^-^ Dunno why, well I do know, but it's no specific reason.

KAY!  SO!  I gotta tell you guys sumtin! ^-^  I'm choreographing a dance to the Russian song from the Nutcracker!  I wanted to do it to Sugar Plum instead but somebody got that first! :/ hmph!  Anyways!  I'm not doing it alone, I'm doing it with my friends Sarah and Manda :)  It's so chizzing fun, you have no chizzing idea.  We have the whole song choreographed already and it's not due for presentation for another week!  Phew!  We have a whole week to practice!  Oh yeah, in case I didn't already mention, it's an assignment for my ballet class since it's Christmas time.  Every time I post I will tell you another small thing about what we're doing for it :) Eventually I will post the whole thing!  It's so pretty!  Okay so one thing I will tell you about it today isssssss.... we're doing a lot of glissades in the opening part of the song!  :)  Yup!  There you go!

Sorry this post is really unorganized and funky, mah mind is cujumbled a little bit! :P

I will have to cut this post short because when my parents get home (which is in like ten minutes) we have to go to Flash Mob!  Post more on that later too! :P

In case you guys haven't already, please vote on my poll!!! It's at the bottom of my sidebar!  Thanks! :)

Have a good evening, lovelies



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  1. i love the russian dance i have a cd in my van with the Nutcracker Suite songs! i listened to it allll day lol


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