Tuesday, January 25, 2011

11 Day Challenge in 11 Minutes

1 - How often do you use your cell phone?
Every day..... all the time.  From 5:30 in the morning to 9 at night.

2 - What’s your ringtone for when people call you?
Differrent for each person

3 - What’s your ringtone for when people text you?
I dunno, loool.  I have texts on vibrate.  24/7 I think it's just a little chime noise.

4 - How many contacts do you have?
Doooooon't know :]

5 - What kind of phone do you have?

6 - How many texts do you think you send a month?
Mayyybe.. 1,000-2,000? Not sure

7 - Does your phone have internet on it?
Used too :[[

8 - Who do you text the most?

9 - How many ringtones do you have and what are they?
Idk, lots of weird ones.  Some songs I like and a lot of versions by the 'I like pie' lady.

10 - Do you have a ringback tone? What is it?
NOPE. They're SO ANNOYING so I would never put people who call me through that.  Musical bias is very personal, it's almost offensive to force someone else to listen to your music.  Geez, I sound like 30.

11 - What cell phone provider do you have? (Verizon, AT&T, etc..)
AT&T alllllll the way ;D ahaha, I used to have Sprint and it was honestly better but I haven't had toooo many problems with the blue planet.

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  1. I have a random question. How did you change the font on your blog?


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