Friday, January 21, 2011

♥ 1/21/2011

Sorry I have been gone for so long! Personal issues that are currently being worked on. :]

So I need to catch you up!

We are now choreographing for our ballet in May this year. :D I'M SO EXCITED! It's going to be SO pretty! :] If you know me irl and you're reading this, you are REQUIRED to go to the show at least once.  I think there will be three nights of the show...maybe four, I forget.  So yes, ballet has been fun lately.

Theatre... is going...somewhere, aha.  We haven't been doing much lately.

I only have two SPA classes now :[ I got switched out of voice class and switched to gym.  Which is still okay because I LOVE exercise and gym class is always a fun way to do that. I hate basketball though.  It's absolutely terrifying.  I hope we never have to play that.  So now on A day mornings I have gym instead of Voice.  Exciting and sad at the same time!

So yes, my goal this term is to get good grades.  Not just memorize the material, but LEARN it.. :[ I'm not very proud of this year so far.  I'm going to take tutoring after school whenever I can and eat lunches in classrooms with teachers to get one on one tutoring.

I have been drawing more Domo pictures :D  Oh, Megan, Domo is a Japanese cartoon character.  He's also my boyfriend.  Watch some of his episodes on my Domo page.

More pictures of Morgana:
sleepy baby :]

op! hello!

Mom, I don wan da bikini.

hello again

Now the pictures of the new Domos I drew :]
So sorry, it's hard to see cause it was dark but it's a lime green Domo in the ocean blue! :D

blue and pink Domo

Orange Domo in the grass :]

hard to see and it's sideways. -.- it says 'Excited Beyond Control' :] I doodled it when I was waiting for my mom to finish nursing the baby so we could go to dinner and then to the mall.  My dad was surprising her with getting her hair done.. and so I was super excited that maybe he was taking me to get my hair dyed too.  But he wasn't :P

Op. I still have to show you pictures of my outfit yesterday that I liked! Well, it was mostly just the shirts.
I wore the shirts with black skinny jeans :]

I couldn't get a good angle to show you the shirt without it wrinkling a lot, sorry.  I layered a white tank top, a gray shirt, a white vest and a weird white short sleeve jacket.  :D I never do layers, I just wear one shirt.  So I was proud of how this turned out :]

That's all! No random pictures or recipe, I have to go cook dinner, it's 5 now.


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  1. you're so funny! 'basketball is terrifying' haha


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