Sunday, January 30, 2011

The 4 That I Picked :D

Wellllllll... I'm still kind of unsure but I think I have my four rotations picked?

The first is animals :] I love animals soo much ^-^ and I thought at first it might be kind of pointless to blog about animals.. but who cares? :D I'll post new breeds that I've discovered, cute pictures, stories about my pets in the past, etc.

The second is theatre and dance. Depending on which one's on my mind at the time, and which shows are out at the time. I guess I could even blog about both if I really wanted to...

The third is crafts, like I told you before.  It can be about ANY crafts :D

The fourth is writing.  I will either post a poem that I've written or a chapter from one of my books.  :D I think that would be a fun thing that you guys would enjoy a lot.

So on the first of February I will do a post about animals :D Then, on the 8th, I will do a post about theatre&dance.  On the 15th I will do a post about crafts.  On the 22 I will post some of my writing.  Then on March first I will do a post about animals :] and it will go on and on like that until I get bored or I change the topics or something.




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