Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day Fifteen :]

What do you believe in? And not just God or atheism.

I believe in God.  I actually found that out a few nights ago.  I'm not sure if he's a man, or a person, or anything like that, but I know that there's something there.  He (or it, I don't know) accepts me for who I am, he created me, he put me here, he gave me purpose and he is here for me.  He knows that my sins make me who I am.
What else?  I believe in ghosts, I've had experiences with them.  I believe in fear, I believe without it, there would be nothing to work for.  Fear creates confidence and opportunities, I have no idea how to explain what I mean.  I believe in music, it's my whole world.  I believe in fairies, I love fairies.. Aaaaand I believe in myself! :D  (Oh and I believe in most of my friends and family)

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