Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Help- By The Beatles :]

I love that song.  Ahaha, so anyway, I'd like your help.

*I've highlited all of the important things, because I blabbered a lot in this post.

I haven't been blogging much.  I've been doing small posts like with my thirty day challenges but I don't even know the last time I did a full post with random pictures and a recipe; the things I promise you guys.  I find myself thinking about blogging....... but I never do it full on anymore.  Frankly, I'm slightly bored with it.  I get tired of writing everything that's happening down.  It's already happening in real life so to write it down it's just a hassle and makes me annoyed with the events in my life.  I'm over explaining this because I can :]

So anyways, I want to make this blog something you guys can feed off of.  Ultimately, this blog is for me.  But you guys mean a lot to me and I want you to get something out of it.  I will still post things about how I'm currently feeling or whatever's on my mind, but I'd like to make a point to this blog.  Agatha and Olivia, your blogs are focused on makeup reviews.  I love it.  Because you're sharing a passion of yours while giving us information on things before we buy them.  It's really helpful and entertaining.  But sadly, I can't afford to be buying new makeup all the time.  Because I would really like to do a makeup blog.. I love makeup.  But I can't.

I was thinking I could maybe make this a theatre blog...... do reviews on plays I see or talk about plays I'm in or my school's doing or whatever.. and I could like do essays for fun on my favorite types of acting and favorite actors.  That might be fun... but it also could be tedious.  I don't want my blog to stress me.

Or maybe a dance blog?  I could post stretching, running and yoga sequences... or ballet warm ups or combinations.  But that also might be tedious.

I think what I'll do is maybe switch off things each week.  Like have four different things.  Sayyyyyy hair, dance, theatre and food.  Or whatever.  And each week of the month I could do one big post on that subject.  That way during that week I'll still have time to do little posts.  I just need ideas on what four subjects.... I'm going to post little posts every day (or close to every day) that say "Ideas for blog subjects?" and I would REALLY like you to comment and write down ANY ideas you have.  I don't care if they're stupid or not, I want all of your opinions. The only thing I ask you keep in mind is I'm not rich.  I can't do a baking blog or a makeup blog because I don't have the money to do that stuff all the time, you know?  So here's a list of things I enjoy.  You can give ideas that relate to these things, or really anything you want.  It can be as random as paint smells, I really don't care.

  • Girly things, like makeup, hair, clothes, shoes, etc
  • Cooking like cooking accessories, kitchen designs, food, etc
  • Dance. Ballet, Modern, Jazz Tap, Cheer, Formal, all of it.
  • Dance clothing.  I looooooove all of the different outfits for dance classes and performance, I also like to study pointe shoes.
  • Movement and exercise.  Besides dancing.  Like running, pilates, yoga, stretching, weight training.. etc
  • Sims3 :]
  • Animals.  Kitties, Horsies, Puppies, Hamsters... all the cute ones.
  • Interior design.  I obsess over it.
  • Music
  • Domo
  • Nails.  I'm not too good at doing them but I love using my mom's Konad kit, it's a cheating way to look like you paid for an awesome manicure
Yeah, that's mostly it....... oh and I like glitter and parties :]

Soo PLEASE help me with ideas, it's for your own benifit :D

Thank you so much, I love you guys and I'm sorry I've been behind!


  1. Hi Kranberrie, thanks for your nice comment on my blog! Since you read it, you know I'm into crafts like knitting and scrapping. I've read from Amber's blog that you do some knitting (and maybe crocheting?) yourself, so you could do some posts about that. :D

  2. That's an idea! Thanks so much! This means so much, thank you for helping! :D

  3. I'd personally love to read some play or movie reviews. I watch a lot of movies myself and generally like to read reviews prior to renting out a film.
    If you're obsessed about interior design then that's also a great idea to focus on - post pictures of inspirations, fabrics, colours, pictures of designs you like, decorative ideas, etc...
    And I sure do love animals beyond belief so seeing some info on these cuties would make my day. Do you have a pet? If yes then please let us know what he or she gets up to!


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