Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Music, Ideas, and Answers.

Odd post this morning, but you know. 

So first of all, here are two of my favoriteiiiish songs :]
Just sayinn.

Okay, now on your guys' ideas so far.  I thiiiiiink... I'm going to do theatre as one of the 4 to rotate.  It sounds like a fun idea, and obviously Agatha would get something out of it since she suggested it XD  Interior Design sounds good too, but I'm still not sure. But thank you all for the commenting you've done!  Just the tiny bit of help that I've gotten so far has been soo helpful! ♥

Now! Mom, haha... you asked how I change my font on my blog?  Go to design, then to template designer, then on the bars on the left, choose advanced.  You'll find it there!


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