Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday Night :] 1/6/11

Today was pretty cool!
:D First period was boring, like always on B-Days. 
Second period Herr Hardy tried to teach us to yodel XD
Third period WE HAD YOGA CLASS! :D It was really amazing.  Some of the poses were painful, but it felt good to breathe like that and it made me really relaxed. 
Lunch was REALLY fun! Thanks for the cool talk, Zen :]
Fourth period was alright too, I think math is sort of fun now. :]
The bus ride home was soooo fun :D
Whennn I got home I got STRAIGHT in the shower, I actually did a tiiiiny bit of yoga in the shower XD it feels amazing, with the hot water on your muscles and stuff, it was great.
Then Mom and Dad and Morgana got home.
Mom fed Morgana.
We left the house to go to dinner.
I went to the red car.
Dad called me over from the garage driveway.
There was a new car there that they were standing by, smiling.
It's our first shiny, pretty, amazing car!  I've always had beat up ones and stuff, this one is amazing! :D
It's shiny and black.
It heats up SUPER hot inside within like twooo minutes.
The bass in nice :]
It's soooo much roomier than the red car.
We went to dinner at Mimi's Cafe.
We had artichoke dip for a starter.  It was SO CHIZZING DELICIOUS.
They also brought us three slices of bread, one was pumpkin bread (THE BOMB), on was chocolate zucchini (I think??) and one was a delicious, fancy roll.
I had a strawberry banana smoothie, Mom and Dad both had Berry Pom smoothies (those were better than my smoothie! ]:)
I had Seafood Fettuccine.  It was probably the second or third best thing I've ever eaten in my life. I LOVE SCALLOPS! It was my first time having scallops :D It also had a shrimp skewer.  Best shrimp I've ever eaten.  I swear to God, I would eat 5 pounds of that shrimp.
Mom had ...some kind of steak, I don't remember it's title.  But she was mmming at is a whole bunch.
Dad had jumbalia.  It looked sooooooo good!
Then we went to WalMart to get Morgana some hats and a sleeper blanket thingy to wear in her car seat.  This one girl 'awwed' and stuff at Morgana, it was so cool.  Dad was just glowing. :]
Then we went to the knit meeting and showed off Momo, they all thought she's adorable (it's a fact, she is adorable)

The end! Tonight was sooooo exciting.  I'm going to start only doing recipes every other post because it's tiresome and takes up a bit of space on my blog..

So random pictures! :D (I'm not doing pictures of Amy anymore either, she doesn't send me pictures anymore.)

♥Picture of a cute cupcake:

so pretty.
♥Picture of my favorite car:

purple lambo. want.
♥Picture of my favorite actor:

♥One of my favorite pictures:

♥Pictures of shoes I want:


That's all for tonight. (I'm not good with goodbyes today.)


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