Friday, February 25, 2011

Needy Friday

I need this little notebook more than my life.  I've been wanting to get one like this for SO long! It's only $13 whereas the boring ones from Barnes are like $15-$30! It's so cute and so efficient, it has different types of paper and a whole bunch of cute characteristics!  I need it :/  I don't have anymore room in my current journal and writing is my life, so..
next two photos via
 it has graphed, lined and blank paper! and the edges are perforated!
and a cute little bookmark!!

I would kill anyone-thing for these shoes.  I would die for these shoes.  They're only $20 so I'm thinking of buying them soon... they're the most gorgeous piece of clothing I've ever seen.

It's self-explanatory.  It's gorgeous.

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