Monday, February 28, 2011

OH GOSH!!!!!!!!

SO guess what?!
Today in ballet, we had the guest choreographer come in to work on our spring dance.
She is juuuuust a bit intimidating, let me tell you.  She's new with Ballet West so she's doing some work with younger ballet classes (us, right now). She's like 19 or 20, so she's not super strict, she's just very quiet and thoughtful. In a mean way.

So when we were doing the dance and she pointed to me and said "You do it again. Just you." I thought I was in trouble or something!!!!!! But then after I danced she said "I want you all to resemble her." (me) and went on about how my face is pleasant and relaxed and I actually look like I want to be there and I'm dancing with enthusiasm and she was watching me the whole time because I'm "just so lovely" and stuff.


She assigned me a solo in the dance!!!!!!!!!! Yeep!!! :D YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW EXCITED THIS MADE ME. I know I'm a good dancer, and I do get recognition but I have never been pointed out and rewarded this greatly. I am so happy with myself today, I'm glad that I'm not afraid to show when I'm having a good time in ballet like I used to be, it has really paid off to be happy in my dancing.

I will post when and where the dance is closer to it so Chelle and other Mom friends can come see it if they want! :D I LOVE TODAY!


  1. That is awesome! I have been so busy I havent been keeping up with your blog. Just read the past like 5 posts I missed!


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