Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This week: Animals!

Hello!  Are you ready to hear about some cute furry creatures? :D 

I thought I'd tell you about my three favorite pets. 

1st Favorite- Cats. ♥  I love kitties.  I don't know why, they're just so cuddly and cute and furry and sweet and I love them!  A lot of people say that dogs are better because they can actually be trained.  I have trained a cat before.  Whenever I rang a little bell, he would come over to get food from his bowl.  With cats, it just takes a bit more patience.  They're not as interactive as dogs, but they can have even stronger bonds. 

Some of my favorite kitties are...

American Bobtail :] I like the colorful ones like this.  I just love how intricate their stripes are, and their eyes are always a beautiful color.  I do not like them because of their short tails, I actually prefer long tailed kitties.  However these cuties and their short tails don't bother me!

Chausie. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my gosh.  I LOVE these cats.  They're cutest when they're kittens, but they are just GORGEOUS!  These kitties are a mix between jungle cats and domestic cats.  They can grow up to be pretty big, but they're as gentle as the average tabby.  These are the most beautiful cats in the world, I swear.

Turkish Angora :]
I don't know ANYTHING about these cats, but they're pretty!  They usually have different colored eyes.  Blue and green or just blue.  And they are usually white, but sometimes they can have a splotch of color to their cute fur :]


2nd Favorite:  Bunnies! ♥  I looooooove rabbits, I've only had one in my life, but I had so much family that had tons it was like I owned a billion :]

I don't know any specific types of rabbits really, so I'll tell you a story! 

When I got my first rabbit, he was itty bitty.  The feed store said he was a dwarf rabbit, and he wouldn't get but a pound bigger throughout his whole life.  Not a year later he was already almost 8 pounds!!!!!!!!!  He got SO huge!  And we fed him really healthily!  I thought it was so funny that they said he'd never get bigger.  XD boy were they wrong!

Want to see some cute bunny pictures?  Okay :D

AWWWWWWWWWWWWW! It's a dwarf bunny

uhhh.  I type in 'dwarf rabbits' into google images.  And I get this.  That is not a dwarf rabbit.  That is a monster.


HAHAHA XD awwwww! X]

awwwsss, babeh bunneh!  It makes me want to cry! That is the cutest thing I've ever seen!!!!!!!!!

3rd Favorite: Hamsters!!!!!

No explanation needed!!!!!!!♥♥♥

Hope you enjoyed this animal post! :D  Next week, Theatre and Dance!



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  1. Thx for the pictures, sooooo CUTE!!! Some of them have reached the limits of cuteness...
    I love cats and dogs equally and do agree that cats are just as affectionate. When growing up I used to have both cats and dogs as pets and they'd get along just great.
    At the minute I have a dog Ally who's also my best girlfriend:) but we're also taking care of two feral cats who now live in our garden - they have their own kennel and all...
    My partner used to have hamsters when growing up but doesn't want one any more cause they have a short life span and he doesn't want to go through the pain of losing one again.

    Thx for the post!


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