Monday, February 28, 2011

This week: Crafts!

I'm currently knitting something secret.
soo, this will not be about knitting.

We're moving soon! (Hopefully...) and I want to redo my room.  I've never had a room with a theme! And I'm hoping to save up some money and finally get one :] I want the theme to be Purple, Black and White Squares.

For closet organization I was thinking this cube organizer.  If my closet is big enough for it.  I thought I could maybe fold and put all shirts in one cube, all jeans in one cube, all skirts in another cube, etc.
Where you can find this organizer:
It has enough cubes for jeans, sweats, shirts, skirts, and two cubes of shoes!
Doesn't it look nice?  And it's only $92.99!  Most of the other ones I was looking at were like $100-$200 so I think this is a good deal.  Even if we don't move, I think investing in this would be very very smart...

As for my entertainment center.  I want to throw it out.  It's wood, and I want something more modern and within my color theme!
I was thinking I could buy two of these cute, black cubes.  Put them side by side and place my TV on top :] Then I would have a place to store movies and my DVD player under it as well!
You can find the cube here:

The price? $17.75!!!!!!!!! Or if I got white ones it would be only $13.99!!! (These prices are per cube)
I think that's ridiculously terrific prise wise.  They're 15in and they're said to be very sturdy.  I'm thinking of buying these sooner! Wouldn't that idea of having two of them side by side with the TV on top be sooo cute?!
I could even buy more of these and stack them as an open dresser kind of like my closet thingy up there!

So yeah, this is all that I have planned so far, not a lot, I know. But still :] I'm super excited for it and I better start working hard for that money!

Catch you later next week with a piece of my writing for week 4! :D

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