Friday, March 18, 2011

Just a little fun photography and short poem =]

The pain of you is like a dirty window,
It rinses clean,
But no matter what the situation,
It always comes back.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Hurricane" By me, I wrote this when I was like 7, 8, or 9 so don't make fun!

Chapter 1

The pain part

It was an ice cold night in August on a Tuesday in the town Weston Village of Florida. A little boy, Tommy Hiltouch age 7, was in the bathroom on the floor with his mother, Kiara Hiltouch age 31.

The bathtub was filled with bacteria infected, gray water. Tommy and his mother were holding hands hoping the bathroom would stay stable. Tommy’s kitty cat, Snickers, lie on the floor with his ears back and butt up. Boy was he frightened.

Tommy hoped so much that the bathroom stayed in one piece because (his mom and him would get hurt) then his kitty would die. Tommy loved Snickers more than anything. Almost more than his mom even! Tommy had owned Snickers for almost two years and he had really gotten attached to him.

Outside of Tommy’s torn up house naked trees were swishing from one side to the other, sheds and some whole houses were being torn to pieces and the streets were flooded with brown, blazing cold rain. There was one car floating down the street with the top completely ripped off.

“Mommy, the walls are creaking! We’re going to die!!!” Tommy said tears coming from his hazel eyes and streaming down his tan face. His mother hugged him. “No we are not. Just stay calm and everything will be fine. And even if the walls blow, we will find shelter some way some how. But whatever happens, we will NOT die.” His mother said shivering.

“I love you mommy.” Tommy said getting really close to her to keep warm. “I love you too Tommy, I love you too. You can try to comfort Snickers now. I think he’s calmed down a bit.” His mother told him. She took a drink from the bathtub.

Tommy reached over to pet his kitty but Snickers hissed at him and scooted away. Tommy quickly jolted his hand back. Tommy cuddled up to his mother and tried to get some sleep.

The hurricane had been going on for fifteen hours and twenty six minutes. But to all of the people hiding in bathrooms and basements it felt like a massively long month.

All of the people in Weston Village were cold and hungry. Citizens had to live off water for there was no food. All of the houses were at least half way destroyed. Meanwhile, most parents were trying to calm their children. Absolutely no child in Weston Village, or any town experiencing the hurricane, was calm. All was frightened and cold.

Tommy could not sleep with so much noise and such an empty stomach. “Mommy, is there any food?” Tommy asked, his voice shaking. “Oh Tommy, I am so sorry but no there is no food. You’ll just have to deal with water for now. Believe me, I’m hungry too!” Tommy’s mother said sincerely starting to cry.

Tommy hugged his mom and got a big slurp of water. His mom crawled over to Snickers and picked him up. She held him in a position in the air above the bathtub so he could drink. Snickers was pleased with this. He licked and licked and licked the water. When he was done, Kiara (Tommy’s mother) put him down.

Tommy’s mother lay down and Tommy lay beside her. She grabbed the bath rug and covered both of them with it. Tommy and his Mommy slept for seven hours but then were awakened by a big shake.

They sat up as fast as lightening. They could see the bathroom walls bending. Tommy started to cry again but even harder. His mother held him and kissed him on the forehead. About three minutes later the walls stopped shaking.

“At least we got sleep.” Kiara said shivering. “Yah but I’m sooo hungry Mommy!!!!!!!!!” Tommy yelled. He cried again. “Oh I know sweetie! I am so sorry, believe me but I can’t do anything about it honey.” His mom said rocking him in her arms.

It had now been twenty four hours and seventeen minutes since the hurricane started. Tommy thought it would never end.

Tommy and his mother lay down and slept again for five hours. When they awoke they had noticed there was no sound of wind. There really wasn’t any sound.

Chapter 2

The damage

“You better stay here. I am going to check and see if it’s over.” Tommy’s mom said. She got up and opened the door just a little. Their hall way was still there. She crawled down it. After the hallway ended she could see outside. (The rest of her house was destroyed) There was sunshine…THE HURRICANE WAS OVER!!!!!!! She gasped and a smile spread across her face she stood up and raced into the bathroom.

“Tommy!!! It’s over!!!!! Grab snickers and let’s go look at the damage and then look for food!” She said. “Yes! It’s over Snickers!!! Let’s go!” Tommy said. He picked Snickers up and ran with his mom.

When they got out of the hallway they both gasped. There house was completely destroyed except for their hallway and bathroom. There had to be at least sixteen cars floating in the flooded street. The stop sign was bent all of the way back, the trees were snapped in half, there were garbage cans on roofs and in the streets, and there was torn up pieces of house everywhere.