Friday, September 30, 2011



     My readers know that I like to do traditions.  So I'm starting two new traditions again.  To, you know, get things organized and fun again.  Geez, I'm such a nerd.

     Anyways, I'm going to be doing "Wishful Wednesdays" and "Five Fact Fridays".  Wishful Wednesdays obviously means that I'm going to post wishful thoughts.  Things that I wish I had, places I wish I could go, things I wish I could do.  Not being grateful for what you have is bad, but wishing for what you want can be healthy in moderation.  Five Fact Fridays will be about 5 facts.  Who could've guess that?  It won't be super nerdy facts, or lame personal facts, it will be facts about my week.  For example, the five facts could include maybe a couple of restaurants that I went to and my personal review, a new book that I read and my personal review, or maybe a show that I'm watching and my personal review.  Does that make sense?  Cool.

     So, it's Friday today.  I guess that means I'll do my 5 facts now.

     Here we go.....

     O1. In my family, we have a traditional "Pizza Monday".  Yes, a solid rule to have pizza at least once a week.  Sounds great, huh?  It is.  Personally, I'm actually not a huge pizza fan.  Maybe it's because I'm a severely picky eater.  Anyway though, we always get pizza from Papa Murphy's.  Not Dominoes, not Little Caesars, not even The Pie.  Papa Murphy's.  It seems to me like Papa Murphy's deserves a Grammy.  Okay, I'm being a tad dramatic, but I just love their pizza.  Everything about it so perfect, the crust, the amount of sauce, the cheese, the fresh toppings.  Unf.  They're incredibly cheap, within walking distance from our house, and they have turned me into a pizza freak.  Well, a pizza freak that only wants to eat Papa Murphy's.  It's the best pizza in the world.  Their "Vegetarian DeLITE" pizza, (tonssss of veggies on a thin, cracker crust) is actually my favorite pizza ever.  So, lalala, eat Papa Murphy's.  I swear, you will NOT regret it.

O2.  Life Unexpected.  The television show.  Now, let me tell you, if you're not a teenage girl, or a teenage girl at heart, you just might not like this show.  If you do happen to be a teenage girl of some sort, this show will turn your life into heaven.  Watching this show is just so hypnotizing.  I don't want to give too much away, but it's about a girl that's been in foster care for 15 years and days before she turns 16, she finds her real parents to get emancipated from her foster home and ends up living with them instead.  Meanwhile, her birth mom is engaged to someone, (not the girl's father) and her birth dad owns a bar.  This story is just very constant and keeps you interested with every episode.  When I run out of episodes of it on Netflix, I don't know what I will do...

O3.  Carmex.  Carmex, carmex, carmex.  I love the stuff.  My whole entire life I fought and fought with chapsticks that would end up leaving that gross stuff in the corners of your mouth.  Then I found Carmex.  I always knew it was there in the drugstore, it just reminded me too much of medicine.  It's literally my best friend ever.  It never lets me down.  Never.

O4. I've been sitting here for almost 30 minutes trying to think of something else.  I guess this week will have to be a Three Fact Friday.  I promise every week from now on, I'll come up with five.  Hey, it's been a long week though, and I deserve some slack today. ;)

     Oh, and that surprise on Sunday is still coming!

     "One might say a wish is like a lottery ticket, if you don't wish, how will one ever come true?" ~ My Aunt.  I think she quoted it from somebody else, though.  Who that is, I have no idea.

     Ice cream...... on a Friday night...... cuddled in my warm bed...... watching TV.  Yes, I think I must.  Goodnight, world.

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