Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wishful Wednesday

     For this episode of Wishful Wednesday... (;
     Just kidding.  For Wishful Wednesday today, I'm going to post THREE things that I'm wishful for.

     O1. I wish for a road trip with Amy. We are planning the trip now.  Right after we graduate high school, we're going to *hopefully* take a trip across the country to New Jersey.  My main destination is NYC, which Amy also wants to visit, but her main destination is New Jersey.  So we'll travel up to New York, stopping at hotels once in each state, and then when we get to New York, we're going to stay for a week.  Then, after that week, we'll go up to New Jersey.  We'll spend around a week there too, and hopefully meet the cast of Cake Boss and get some treats from Carlo's City Hall Bake Shop!  She really wants to visit there and meet them, and so do I! I'd really like to see a NYCB performance. 

     O2. I wish I could turn my photography into a business right now.  Hopefully, as soon as I get my ideal camera, I will be doing so.  I don't think it'd be good to do right now though, seeing as though I don't have my ideal camera, and I don't know if I'd have the time.  As soon as I get that camera, though... you'd better watch out, cause my business is going to take over the world. ;D

     O3. I wish that I could get gum contouring.  Right now.  I AM going to get it eventually, but I REALLY wish I had the money to do it right now.  It's TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS per TOOTH. Am I crazy for thinking that's crazy? Yeeshk.  I don't think I'll be able to get it until I'm at least out of college, but you never know.  Maybe if I turn my photography into a business early enough, I'll have enough extra money to save up! 

     That is ALL for Wishful Wednesday this week! Oh! Just kidding! I wish that I could get my new phone NOW! Stupid people who don't know how to send checks on time!!!

     See you Friday!

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