Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hair tip + Vlog tomorrow

Hey! I'm blogging really quickly on my phone tonight and I apologize for being MIA the past weekish. Anyways!

Hair tip: after straightening your hair, LIGHTLY mist with hairspray, comb, LIGHTLY mist again and then your straightened hair will not only stay straight the whole day, but it will have a soft and natural look to it, making people think your hair is that beautiful and perfect naturally! If you don't spray LIGHTLY or you don't comb it afterwards, it will be either too shiny, hard or just oddly textured. Keep the spray light and comb it and you've got a garanteed new step in your favorite hair routine!

Also, tomorrow I'm going to try to upload a little Vlog, so stay tuned!

See yah.

*apologies for spelling or grammatical errors on this post, like I said, it's coming from my phone.

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