Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Little Story In Pictures!

So today was alright. 

Then, I had to rush to the grocery store to pick up my things to make a pie to take to Thanksgiving dinner this week because I couldn't get it sooner due to stupid things going wrong with my bank.  Ugh!  Anyways.  It was a jump around pulling jeans on, shoving arms into a coat and throwing a purse over my shoulder despite a messy hair day and 0 makeup and run out the door trip.  So I ran out of the house looking like this:

Blah, right?  Then, I shopped.  I wanted to make my pie with blackberry, but they were out of blackberry pie topping, of course.  So I got blueberry stuff again.

Then I came home, relaxed a bit, ate dinner, did some stuff, and then took this picture during some procrastination time.

Then I finally did my last assignment for a certain class.
(can't you tell my face is so sarcastically happy?!)

Then I rocked out in happiness because I finished two classes today.

BOOYAH! That was a day in the life of me.  Sort of..
Maybe one day I'll do one of those "follow me around for a day" blogs.
Anyways, but yeah today was pretty awesome in weird ways.

and i'm going to go eat some popcorn now and watch tv because i deserve it, right amy? ;)

Want to see my gorgeous best friend that has stuck by me for years and years?  If you've read my blog all the way, you've already seen some pictures.  But she's gotten even more gorgeous, people.
So first, my favorite picture ever of her:
Those big brown eyes.

And my second favorite picture of her:
Why is that my second favorite? BECAUSE YOU'RE FINALLY HAPPY, AMES.  You're totally stressed, but I can smell your happiness ;D I'm so happy that you made SBO this year, because it's totally made you confident and even more amazing than before, Girly.

Anyways, sorry for creepin you out, Amy, and goodnight, blogspot.


Me. :)

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