Thursday, November 10, 2011

My novel and stuff...

     So, to start out this post, I'm going to say that the writing I will be showing you guys is JUST a rough draft.  I have not done ANY editing to any of my novel yet. 


     Anyways.  Since I haven't had much to blog about lately, I thought I'd entertain you guys with ONE page from my novel.  It's the very first page, and I probably shouldn't be showing anyone this until it's finished, but I'm so in love with it, I just have to share a tiny sliver of the novel.  So... here you go.  Remember, ROUGH DRAFT. 

     Oh, and this novel has no title yet.  I'm not going to title it until I finish the book.  After I finish the book, I'm going to have somebody read it, ask what they think it should be called based on what they read, title the book with their first suggestion, and dedicate the book to them. 

Page One, Chapter One

                Millie rolls over and sighs, hugging her blankets.  Even though she’s laying in one of the most expensive beds in the world, she can’t seem to get comfortable.  Every time she sticks a leg out of the blankets to get cool, she gets cold.  With the blankets on, she’s too hot.  She swings both of her legs over the bed and into her slippers.  As Millie’s eyes adjust to the darkness, she fumbles into her silk robe and heads down the spiraling stairs to the foyer. 

                The doors creak as Millie turns the locks and steps outside.  She sighs inwardly, loving the fresh air.  She walks around the corner to sit down against the wall of her house, picking at the grass and staring up at the stars.  Far in the distance ahead of her, she can see the horse stables.  She ponders over taking a walk to visit her horse.  Millie confirms her decision, knowing that even farther in the distance there are plenty of guards at the gate, protecting her home from creepy strangers that could attack her.

                As Millie arrives at the stables, she peers in to locate her horse.  “Hey there, Magic.” She whispers, spotting the beautiful stallion in no time.  On her short walk down the stables to Magic, she stumbles over something and falls face first into the hay-covered ground. A hand falls on her shoulder, helping her up and a frightened scream escapes from Millie’s mouth.  I was wrong, there are creepy strangers out here! I’m going to die! Millie thinks, scurrying along the ground, trying to stand back up and escape from whoever touched her.  A handsome face appears in front of hers as she begins to stand.

                “Shhh…It’s alright, I’m just the stable boy.”  The face says softly.  Millie stares at the crouching man as she catches her breath.  Then she laughs.  She can’t stop laughing.  She falls backwards onto the ground again, laughing hysterically.  She sighs to catch her breath and stares at the ceiling.  “You scared the life out of me.”  She mutters, still giggling the slightest bit.  His hand reaches out to her, and she stands up all of the way. 

                “I’m so sorry you tripped over me, I was just trying to get a little sleep.  Are you okay….your highness?” The stable boy asks Millie with a concerned raise in his eyebrows.  I smile rises in her throat at his address towards her.  “You don’t need to ‘your highness’ me, just call me Millie.  And yes, I’m okay.”

                “Millie,” He grins. “I’m very happy to meet you.  You’re the oldest daughter, right?” He doesn’t give her a chance to reply.  “Well, I’m Benjamin.. and I’m pleased to be at your service if you’ve come out here for a certain reason this evening.”

                Millie laughs again and tilts her head at him.  She doesn’t remember ever seeing him around the land before, but it’s not like she gets out of the house much.  “I just couldn’t sleep, so I thought I’d come say hello to my pretty horse.  To be honest with you, I really had no idea we even had a stable boy!”  Benjamin smiles and gestures to the ground, sitting down.  Millie carefully sits next to him.

                “Your parents just recently sent me a letter of acceptance, so I haven’t been here too long.”  Benjamin looks into Millie’s eyes, giving her belly a tingly feeling.  “So, tell me, how come a princess like you is having trouble sleeping?  I thought you girls had everything you wanted.” 

End of Page One, Chapter One

     So yeah.  I've had this idea for this book in my head for YEARS and I've tried writing about it before, but I could never get it out right.  This time when I tried, it all just poured out of me in passion and imagination, and then I decided that this will be my first novel.
     If you have any criticism at all for me, do not hesitate to leave it in the comment box.  I love all of your opinions and any suggestions or anything would definitely be appreciated.  That's all for now, and I'll try to blog about something soon.

     See ya.

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