Monday, December 19, 2011

5 Days Of Holiday Tips!

I will being doing one tip each day for things like stocking stuffers, cheap gifts, diy gifts, holiday baking and keeping fit during the season. 

The tip for today is a mixture of cheap gifts and stocking stuffers!

During the holiday season, we all have a few people who we feel are important enough to receive gifts, but aren't at the top of our high spending+thought list.  A really good thing that I've been noticing is checkout stands.  Almost every single store has some pretty great deals in the checkout isles. 

In grocery stores and drug stores, they have candy (always a cheap and easy gift) along with many knickknacks that are actually pretty thoughtful. 

In beauty stores, such as makeup and perfume, the checkout isles usually contain a lot of sample and gift sets, which are really nice.  They have a lot of stuff for under $5 that comes in little sample packages that are cute and fun.  Plus, when getting a sample for somebodies gift, it's actually pretty thoughtful as well, because it could contain something they'd never think to buy for themselves but end up falling in love with and purchasing the full size item. 

Craft stores are my very favorite when it comes to the checkout isles.  They usually have many things such as festive holiday mugs/cups for under $10 and loads of small items such as notepads, pretty pens, accessories, and even candy for only $1. 

You can find some great treasures for only a tiny bit of money in the checkout isles that can be used as a small thoughtful gift or a quick and simple stocking stuffer, so don't hesitate going to the checkout isle without anything to purchase.  You'll find something right there, I promise you.

Just a little personal update...

My best friend, AmyJean♥, was nice enough to invite me to the Jingle Jam at her high school on the 17th.  Compared to the high school dances I've been to, it was pretty empty and calm.  Plus, there was only one slow dance!  It was still amazing though because I got to see some old friends and spend time with them while dancing the night away.  It was great! 

The gang of the night(: Man, we all look like elementary school kids.  Why is everybody I know so short?  On the bottom left is Amy, on the bottom right is Emily, on the top right is ME, and on the left next to me is Gano!  Those were the main people I stuck with all night.  I love my friends!

Me and my Ames. ♥ We really are the best of friends.  I love this girl to death.

Before the dance, snapping photos in the restroom!  So excited to see each other after almost a year!

Super silly faces! (:

Me on the left, Gano in the middle, and Jacob Bailey on the right.  Love both of them!  Jacob didn't dance with Amy one time, though.... Darn it!  However, Amy and I did have the one and only first dance together, so he didn't really have the chance to ask her.
At the end of the night, I also gave Amy her Christmas present.  It was a fancy Harry Potter sketchbook (with a handwritten note inside from me on the first two pages!), a quill pen and a bottle of ink.  She loved it and Facebooked that it was one of the best Christmas presents she's gotten!  That made me so happy!  I love giving gifts, it's such a warm feeling when the person really appreciates the thought you've put into something.

I ended up ripping a bit of muscle in my calf that night at the dance, actually.  All day I've been icing my calf on and off, but it's not helping, so I'm just going to lay low on the exercise and stretching until it's to feeling better. 

I also went and bought my baby sister's Christmas presents today and wrapped them up!  I suck at wrapping, but it's what's inside that counts, I guess.

Well that's it for now, folks!  In case anybody is wondering, I have quite a few surprises coming on New Year's Day!  

Happy Holidays!  Stay Safe & Remember To Smile!

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