Tuesday, December 20, 2011

5 Days Of Holiday Tips!

The tip for today is neighbor/classmate/employee gifts!

Snowman bars!
Hershey's bars simply wrapped in white paper with a drawn on eyes, nose, mouth, hat and scarf!

I can't remember where I found this idea.  All I remember is that the place I saw this used full sized candy bars, which would have been $1 per person, and that would have added up into the $30s and I'm already broke.  So I just bought a bag of mini Hershey's bars with the flavors of original Milk Chocolate, Cookies N Cream and chocolate with some sort of cookie crisps in it, I can't remember the name and all of my little bars are wrapped into snowmen so I can't go figure it out.

So, yeah.  It's a really simple idea.  If you're buying treats for neighbors or members at a Christmas party, or even want a cute and unique stocking stuffer, these little guys will be your holiday miracle!  Just purchase a bag of mini Hershey bars (or any candybar you'd like, but make sure to stray from anything with nuts because of allergies and the occasional disliker of any kind of nutty candy!) and cut out squares of white paper, tape them around the bar, and then draw on your decorations!  You could use any color combination and even add glitter.  Yours will probably end up turning out a lot better than mine... I was in a big hurry and I often don't have a steady hand.  So they turned out a little messy.  Still cute, though!  At least I think.  On the back you can write a little note such as "Happy Holidays, from Kate!" (with your own name) or something more personal if you wish.  Then, you can put a couple in a little sandwich baggy, cut off this part:
Then tie a festive ribbon around the top to close the bag and VIOLA! You've got yourself a very cute and professional looking baggy of snowmen bars.  That is totally an amazing trick, the whole sandwich baggy thing.  You'll be thanking me later. 

Anyhow!  Like I said, these are very inexpensive, quick and cute for little gifts to hand out to your neighbors or whomever you're fancying for some easy and fun gifts!

I hope you enjoyed today's tip!

Just a little personal update...

I had a few of the little Hershey's bars leftover after making the snowmen!  So I ate some up right away... and threw the rest in a cup of coffee!  I was inspired by this video.  I didn't use the same recipe at all, but I used similar products.  So, do you want a nice white chocolate peppermint mocha?  Made with only a few simple ingredients that you'll already have on hand after making the snowmen bars?  (apologies in advance for the absolutely horrible quality cell phone pictures)

Kate's WCP Mocha

  • Two mini Hershey's bars in the flavor of Cookies n' Cream
  • One mini Hershey's bar in original Milk Chocolate
  • One cup of hot coffee (instant or freshly brewed, doesn't matter)
  • *Optional* Splash of milk
  • *Optional* Dash of sugar
  • *Optional* Whipping cream

  • Prepare your very hot cup of coffee.
  • Crush one candy cane. (or just break off a piece that is as long as the stick part, not including the loop at the top and break it into pieces- what I did)
  • Stir in the candy cane into your coffee until there are no chunks of the candy left in your coffee.
  • Break each mini Hershey's bar into fourths.
  • Stir in Hershey's bar pieces until melted completely.
  • *Optional* add a splash of milk, a dash of sugar and a dollop of whipping cream.
  • *Optional* add the loop of the candy cane that you didn't put in the coffee on the side of the cup for decoration/extra peppermint taste when it melts.
  • Drink your super yummy holiday drink!
(I am so sorry a few of these pictures wouldn't rotate upright)
It was a very delicious drink that I will definitely make again!  I would say it's probably the best WCP mocha I've ever had!  Plus, it's kind of fun!  Hope you liked today's post.

Happy, safe & fun holidays!

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