Wednesday, December 21, 2011

5 Days Of Holiday Tips!

The tips for today is staying fit during the holiday season!

Here are a few things to help you maintain (or even develop) a nice, healthy figure during the holiday season when there are loads of treats and food around tempting you 24/7!
  • Eat a little of everything throughout the day.  Go ahead and have multiple yummy foods that make you feel guilty- just moderate how much.  Instead of having a heaping scoop of potatoes and gravy, a large square of that Christmas lasagna and three festive chocolate strawberries, have a little bit of everything that looks good.  You will get full, you'll get to indulge on more foods you enjoy and you won't be eating too much of that one diet-breaker Christmas treat.
  • Drink water.  All day long, have a full glass of water with you.  Keep it with you everywhere you go and you'll end up mindlessly sipping it down.  Drink as much water as you can stand, because this will help you to both keep hydrated and feel more full.  You won't necessarily fill up on the water, but you won't be starving when all of those delicious steaming dishes come out of the kitchen and you won't be as tempted to go crazy and eat until you're undoing that top button.
  • When it comes to desserts and foods other than the main dishes of the main course, stick to things you usually won't get at any other time of the year.  Don't munch on those chips that you probably already snack on at home on a weekly basis.  Stay away from those rolls that you can have at any dinner.  Eat things that are unique to the occasion and you'll be surprised at how much this can help with staying fit for the season.  You will also end up thoroughly enjoying your meal a lot more with everything you eat being special. 
  • Do a little exercise here and there.  This tip is probably on every "Stay fit during the holidays!" site and post out there.  However, I have a secret for you.  My secret is jump roping.  Yes, I know you're not in grade school anymore, but jump roping is almost better for you than running.  Celebrities actually use this trick more often than you'd think, too.  Every couple of hours (or every hour if you're feeling ambitious) go outside or to a big area and jump for a good, solid five minutes.  If you don't have a jump rope, they're extremely inexpensive, or you can just pretend.  It's just as effective if you make sure to pretend to turn the ropes with your wrists (not your elbows- watch out, you will probably do this in the beginning) and you don't slack off on jumping as high as you'd really have to.  Doing 5-10 sessions of this every day (or rather, every day that you're off doing holiday activities and can't tend to your usual workout sessions) will REALLY help to keep you fit during the holidays.  This is probably one of the best things you can do during this time of year.  It will tone your entire body.  It's not a bad idea to make this an everyday thing during every season, either.  Just make sure to advance your time every week so you're not doing the same exercise forever- your body will get used to that and stop progressing from it!  Anyways.  Jump roping is the best.  ♥♥♥
I hope these tips are helping you through the holiday season!  If you have any requests, leave them in the comments below.  Till next time!

Happy Holidays!  Stay Safe!

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