Friday, December 9, 2011

Confusion, Update and Book Bucket List?

      So lately whenever I go to, it makes me log in EVERY time. I don't have any settings to be deleting my passwords, and I always click the remember me button. It doesn't even remember my email! I don't understand why Blogspot is doing this to me, you guys! Just around 15 minutes ago, I had Blogspot open in a tab and then other tabs for other stuff open, right? I was planning on clicking over here and blogging in a few minutes. When I clicked back on this tab and hit the button to write a post, it made me log in again. I was so frustrated! None of my other sites are doing this, I just don't understand! So that's my little confusion bit for this post.

      I have a little update on my nail goal and my makeup bucket list! I am going to hopefully try to do a little Christmas nail thing tomorrow! If it turns out, I will post pictures and a link to the tutorial I found it from! *Yay!* The update on my makeup bucket list isn't that I've gotten anything yet... unfortunately. However, I am going to get L'oreal Magic Smooth Souffle and use this foundation (unless something random happens and I don't like it) while I'm building up my makeup bucket list.  I've heard so many amazing reviews on it, and a lot of them from people with combination skin like me.  It's pretty much the best drugstore foundation you can ever buy, according to everyone on YouTube and Ulta reviews.  I just thought that it was going to be so hard to not use all of the fun products that I will hopefully be buying for my collection, so I did some research on some really good drugstore products I can use to hold me over. 

     I am obsessed with Blair and Elle Fowler, you have no idea.  I religiously stalk their YouTubes, blogs, Facebooks, websites, everything.  Yes, they are kind of famous so it's not too weird, but I LOVE them so much!  They are like my beauty goddesses!  Anyways.  I was watching some "Glitteratures" on Elle's vlog account and I realized that I have let my love for reading disappear.  I used to read nonstop and although I don't have the time for that anymore, I should be doing it more.  Whenever I go to the library now, I always get books on dance, science, ASL (yes, I'm learning ASL), physics, whatever.  I get books on things I like to study.  I don't ever read for fun anymore.  I would really like to own a lot more books (and perhaps do reviews of them on here?!), but I don't have the money to be buying three books every few days like Elle.  (Man, those two girls are really rich, let me tell you.) So I was thinking that maybe I won't just be asking for makeup every Christmas and birthday.  Maybe I'll ask for like 3 or 4 books and then everything else I ask for will be makeup.  That sounds good.  I miss reading.

     Whoa, I just got very off-topic.  My whole point on that reading thing was to say that I might do a Book Bucket List.  It will not be even close to half as long as my makeup bucket list, but it will include some of the major series and authors that I want to own.  (Well, not own the authors but own a lot of books by them, you know what I mean!) So, I might do that soon.  Definitely not tonight, though!  I'm already thinking of going to bed.  I'm actually going to read in bed, tonight.  I'll be re-reading one of my already owned books, but still!

     This post was very unorganized and messy.  I think I might start doing "rough drafts" for my posts, saving them, and then editing them up to be all clean and neat the next day after I've spent some time away from it or something.  I sure ramble a lot and get off topic, so that's probably a good idea.  Hmmm.  (As I ramble on and on...)

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