Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Goals for TODAY.

Goals for this week aren't going too well.

Currently broke so there's no healthy snacks, so I've been munching on saltines and cinnamon toast. 

I did my nails almost perfectly, even used a base coat and a top coat.  However, the nail polish I'm using is apparently old or something because it chipped off no later than 3 hours after I painted them. 

The Blair Fowler eyeliner is too much for me, it doesn't look right and it's a pain to wash off at night since the only eyeliner I have that works for the look is waterproof and smudge proof.

I've been so stressed and tired that I keep forgetting to get my clothes out at night. 

The sugar scrub thing is going good I guess, I'm following the goal, but it's actually not helping my skin whatsoever.

So I'm kind of sad about all of those goals... However, I do have some goals for today and tomorrow that I WILL follow. 

Today at lunch break, I'm going to shower and re-do my bun. (I'm keeping my hair in a messy bun all the time now to help it stay out of the way from products and heat so it can grow long before the end of January. This is the best thing I've ever done with my hair.)

Then, I'm going to edit five pictures from the Rautis Family shoot.  I'm procrastinating because since my assistant was busy on the day of the shoot and I do not own a camera, I had to borrow one that didn't have the best quality or settings.

Of course I'll eat lunch at lunch break as well.  And do a super quick session of 20 pushups done twice. (I've been slacking on the pushups lately...)

Tonight, I will get half of my vocabulary flashcards done for English.  I'm getting closer to the end of the class, so I need to start studying for the final exam.  I'll tell you, the vocabulary for my current English class is ridiculous, nobody uses any of these words and a lot of them actually seem MADE UP.

I will also take my finger and toe nail polish off.  I'm going to let them be without polish until next week when I try a new painting method.

The last goal for today is to take my stretches to the next level.  I've been doing them the same for a while and I need to make them more intense otherwise I'm never going to get anywhere, I'm just going to stay where I'm at. 

My only goal for tomorrow is to wake up on time.  I've been so bad with sleeping in lately.  I can set a million alarms, and I just turn them off every time they go off and go right back to sleep.  I'm not one of those people who once they're awake, they're awake.  I can go back to sleep after any noise at all.

So...yeah.  It's actually my lunch break right now but I wanted to write everything down just because.  Sorry for the scattery-ness of this post, I didn't have much time to organize it.

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