Sunday, December 25, 2011

Last Post...

I am now announcing that I am leaving Blogspot... for good.

DON'T WORRY! This is actually my Christmas present to YOU! (followers) I have a new blog!  It's at Wordpress.  I made a new blog with them because it's a bit more easier to twist and adjust than Blogspot.  It's more like a website with customizable features than Blogspot is.  Blogspot is just a blog website, but Wordpress is used for actual websites, so it's a bit more professional.

So here it is!
Yes, it's a bit lonely over there so far.  I made a post a month-ish ago and then spent some time tweaking the settings and backgrounds and stuff.  Now it's ready to be used!  So while it may be boring over there right now, it's going to be transformed into awesome really soon!  Stay tuned over there!  I will be keeping my posting schedule up on that blog so you will always be able to count on when I'll be posting!

I hope you enjoy! 

I'm going to leave this blog as it is.  I'm not going to delete it.  I'm not going to post anymore, though.  In a few days I will make one last post to direct you over to my new blog, but other than that, this blog is going to rest!  See you on Wordpress!

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