Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve!  Or happy holidays if you don't celebrate Christmas! (:

I've had a great day!  I gave many people special happy holiday notes and I got a ton of "Oh Kate."s!  That's a good thing because it was followed each time by a variant of "You're such a wonderful and big hearted girl."  I feel bad that I can't see all of my friends this season and give them gifts, so to have at least gave them a bit of joy felt really good.

I hope everyone is enjoying time with their families!  I hope that everyone is enjoying time period.  This is the most wonderful time of the year!  Embrace it.  ♥

I made Santa's cookies today.  I really liked them. It made over two dozen and Santa only needs 3 or 4 so it was okay that we all ate a few already.  The cookies were a bit more chewy and seemed like they had too much brown sugar, but it was definitely a very good recipe!  I'll hopefully share it with all of you soon.

Anyways, I'd better get going, I still have a bit of stuff to do, but I thought I would wish my followers a happy holiday.  My favorite part of this season so far has been that I've warmed other's hearts and I feel like a good person again.  I'm genuinely happy today.  I like that.

One last thing.  I know that tomorrow is Christmas and the holidays are almost over, but I just wanted to share a perfume.  I've been thinking about them lately and I realized something.  There's one perfume that I've owned that absolutely everyone that I ever let wear it or that smelled it on me when I wore it fell in love with this perfume.  It's got such a gorgeous and luxurious smell, and people would tell me I literally smell like heaven when I wore it.  I found the sticker on the bottom of my empty bottle, looked it up and found it on Amazon.  I'm not sure what actual company you can find it from or if it's even still available from them, but here it is:
Anybody that ever receives this perfume will be so happy and feel so pampered.  It's the most amazing smell in the world.

Happy holidays!  Stay safe, enjoy your family, listen to music, indulge in food and just overall remember to enjoy the season because it will be over soon!

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