Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekly goals!

Hey everyone! I'm blogging from my phone tonight- yet again. I was actually just at my computer but I sometimes enjoy just sitting here blogging straight from my phone. Anyways! This post is going to be about some goals I have for this week.

#1- keep nails pretty and painted. I've always been horrible at this. To be honest... I SUCK at painting my nails. I really do. I have never been able to do them perfectly. Wait. Not true. Usually if I spend a lot of time doing them and get them to look good, I end up smudging or smearing them somehow. Patience? Not my thing. So this week I'm going to paint my nails a pretty, simple color, I'm going to put a top coat on every day after that and TRY to keep them neat for a week. I hope this works out. It's embarrassing being my age and not knowing how to paint my nails correctly!

#2- eat healthy. Lately I've been justifying a lot of bad food. I know that's normal during the holiday season but even if it's 'normal', it's not healthy and there's no excuse. So I'm going to eat a balanced, healthy breakfast every morning, I'm not going to load my coffee up with spices and milk anymore and I'm going to try to say no to sweets and stuff throughout the day. Let's hope I can do this because if I can't get healthy for one week, I've got bigger problems.

#3- do Blair Fowler 2010 eyeliner. Do you know her from JuicyStar07 on YouTube? Well the way she did her eyeliner in 2010 was SO CUTE. I'm going to try to do my makeup like that every day this week and see how it goes and if I like it.

#4- do a sugar scrub every three days. My face has been breaking out lately for the past week or two. Why? I currently can't afford my normal face wash. When I use that stuff every morning and night, my skin is clear as a perfect blue sky. This new stuff is making me break out, though. I'm hoping that a periodical face scrub will help exfoliate and keep my skin clear despite the crappy wash.

#5- plan my outfit for each day the night before. I used to ALWAYS do this and it was such a good habit for me. If I don't plan my outfit out for the next day every night, the next morning I'll sit around for like half an hour waiting to get anything done. Getting up, getting dressed and feeling ready for the day first thing in the morning not only saves me time but helps me to be productive that day, as weird as it sounds.

So yeah! Those are my goals for this week! I hope I can complete all of them! I'll hopefully do a few blogs on my process with them. Have a good night, blogspot!

*I apologize for any grammar or spelling errors; blogging on my phone makes that a little less preventable than usual.*

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