Personal Pictures

This page will mostly contain family and personal pictures! :D

me. :)
my favorite picture of myself ^ :)
Pumpkin carving next to the Punkin :D I look strangely 10 years old in this picture.  I swear it was taken a couple of days ago. 
 Sleeping Angel ♥
 Sissers ♥
 Papa and Danika :D
 At the zoo :D
 Papaaaa! And... Uncle.
 The zoo! :D
 Family :D
 Zoo :D
 Family :D
 You cannot see me :D
 Squishy (: She was falling asleep on me in the store.
 Papa! :D
 So happy :D
 Big bow! :D
 ♥ Freaking love that face.
 SHE PINNED ME DOWN. She's so strong.
 Mo and Daddy ♥
 She's such a beautiful little person ♥
 Our happy girl :D
 Sissers :D
 Ice cream in 90 something degrees.
 Mo ♥
 Papa! :D

Most attractive picture of me ever.

 Mo :D
Cousin Jordan. ♥ She's so gorgeous!

Photos by my friend Kristin, Editing by me. Click on the photos to make them bigger and clearer, please.

ehh. I don't like this one that much.

 Love it!
 Love it!

 This one's kind of awkward.

 I think my jaw line looks pretty in this one.
 My pointe was REALLY bad in this... and my left foot was even turned out. :(
 Audition Headshot!
 Kinda fun..
Print Headshot.  I kind of don't like this one, but it's a good headshot photo.
 CLICK ON THIS PICTURE^ it looks better clearer.

This picture is really pretty, too if you click on it to make it clearer.
I love this one ^